Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some things I thought I would share.

Today I got nostalgic, and started going through some stuff. After digging through my external for awhile I decided to get some things on here I hadn't really posted, or posted anywhere. Mostly experimental or just years past projects. But all projects I liked. I'll do a woman one of these days... that isn't dead and naked. You just wait.

This was a series of three character speedpaints with the theme japanese ghost. I was watching that show on sci-fi Ghost Hunters International when I did them. There was like a marathon or something. But I have a ton of work in progresses of these guys as I talked to people on aim I took screencaps. Let me know if you want me to post them if you are curious. They all started in black and white, and then were glazed with colors and hit with blending layers. For once I didn't smatter textures all over them.

This one was for an Ad and Graph project from sophomore year. It was the navigation project where we redid all Columbus Metro Library, so it was color coded and way easier to navigate. This was a poster to promote our children's readings. Something simple. At the time I was obsessed with the polygonal lasso tool. I still break this out when I really need to be quick. This was all done in one sitting on a saturday. It crashed enough times that the dragon is just a screenshot, with some minimal touch-ups, and the reason why it is just a tiny bit less refined. It drives me crazy now just how desaturated the kid is. But it is one of my favorites that I've done at CCAD. 

The Assassin was done for the sophomore computer class. I believe it was the last adobe illustrator project we had. I've always had a soft spot for it, if not just for the small amount of illustrator work I do. I do love the function of vectors, but I still think adobe illustrator is one of the clunkiest vector programs I used. Why they haven't merged flash's drawing capabilities with illustrators shaping and pen tool features into one program, is beyond me. 

Yet another sophomore project. This time from Design for Illustration. I still think the Rat painting was my best thing in there and the most fun, but again, I don't get to use illustrator much. With alittle more time and some actual painting, without having to worry about color changing, I think this one could have really been alot better. But it was another one of those one-sitting, night-before projects. I'm surprised I'm still not procrastinating sophomore year.

This was a sketch-a-day that never got posted. I can't remember why. But I think it was the one that put me a day behind, that eventually snowballed and made it incapable for me to catch up.

Well, I completely forgot about this. This is my failed Society of Illustrators piece from last year. I remember getting really bored with it, and just being burnt out enough on homework to just crank out a really, really crappy speedpaint that I was ashamed to even print. I had higher aspirations for this, but in the end just stuck sketches together from a sketchbook, and killed my original idea. I still want to do the scene but make it more interesting. 

It was based on a three-part fable I dreamed up freshman year that I kept doing concept art for, back when I really loved concept art.


KMcGstudio said...


You've got some great stuff. You're consistent with your style, your finishes and you have a really good design sense. Good eye candy.I always enjoy looking at your work.

When students come into your class and don't have finished pieces, tell them to piss off!

Keep crankin'!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

This post is magnificent. I forgot about a few of these. And I'm not sure I ever really saw the finished assassin... he's great.

Kira said...

The ghosts are really cool. Way to modernize those ideas.

Dave Armstrong said...

i was unaware that you did such cool stuff with illustrator...

you're just full of goodies, aren't you?