Monday, February 9, 2009

Sketch-a-Day 017 kinda

So instead of a sketch today I gave oondu a much needed facelift. So just as a reminder:

Oondu is a collective of CCAD illustration majors, all gathered around on this blog. It's all people I know and respect, and thus far is mostly just friends. I run the thing right now, make sure the theme gets switched out every long once in awhile,  and that everyone stays happy. Started out exclusive with just like 5 or so people, but I couldn't draw the line, and I still can't. Gonna send out some more soon. It's about time I did it, hasn't been touched since before Christmas break. Place was looking stale.

Can you tell who learned how to make 3d text today? THIS GUY.

Soon I'd like to finish up this blog. Get a more official logo rocking at the top, and fix some browser related issues with colors. Not enough time in the day. 

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