Friday, April 11, 2008

Fable Part 1

In electronic Illustration we had a fables assignment. Before you judge me as a murdering psychopath, let me explain. We had to choose a fable to give two illustrations and work in painter. I was browsing for some russian folktales when I found this Romanian vampire tale. It's a rather bloody and grim tale, but after hearing about everyone's disney-esque  choices for subject matter I had to go with. Also... vampires are awesome illustration material. In the story the vampire takes his victims and stacks their heads in the window. I wasn't going to do this, I thought it may be a bit spooky, but my teacher talked me into it. Well, suggested and I jumped at his approval. So I did my best to keep this tasteful.  In the story he rips off their lips to make it look like they are smiling, one of the more grotesque details in a rather unspecific tale. 

Here's a link to the tale. In the next illustration I'm kind of combining all the elements I like from all three, but I used number two primarily.

Here's a few bonus sketches.


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SA Lyon said...

ok the black and white is beautiful. great attention to detail. i thought it was a real window looking at the thumbnail.