Thursday, September 29, 2011

Belome - SotD 148

Again I have found myself feeling a bit guilty about using the "Sketch-of-the-Day" moniker in the title, since some of you may have noticed... Not so daily. Hopefully, I shall be back on the wagon here and goin' since I got way side-tracked and while I've been makin' stuff, I just haven't been posting it. 

But finally, here is a new Mario enemy for the series. Personally I wasn't familiar with this one at first, and I think anyone who isn't a die-hard mario fan won't get it... but MAN was he requested by a lot of people and I promised this one right in the beginning. Belome is a big four eyed fat cat out of Super Mario RPG for the SNES. He seems to be a predominant memory for players since the second time you meet him in the game he's a pretty tough dude that can eat a teammate, clone him, and then turn the clone against them in battle. It all sounds rather... not Mario. But I looked it up, saw a video, and it turns out that it is EXACTLY Mario. Plus it's a cat with 4 eyes and a huge tongue. There really wasn't any question whether or not I'd try to tackle it. 

Anyone who knows me knows I don't do turn-based anything in games so I passed this one up during my childhood. I rented it... I tried it... and I thought it was crap that I just had to stand there while the enemy did damage to me. So I hated it. That thought process is still mostly intact for all things turn-based today. Probably gonna catch some flak for throwing that out there... but after seeing some videos of Belome in action... I may just try it.


Jonathan said...

I came here because of the newest Nintendo Power (Vol. 272) where your art is featured in the Community section. Your art is fantastic! I will never look at Mario's games the same way again. Have you gotten any of your art into video game art exhibits, like iam8bit?

Mike Puncekar said...

Hey man, thanks.

I've been invited to show some of these in a show in France, but due to the distance I'm not quite sure if it's going to happen. I'd love to participate in something like iam8bit though. That show is always pumping out amazing stuff. Haven't really looked into it though.

Porkchop King of Pigs said...

These are fantastic sir! Until this day the classic mario games are my favorites. I know its no as directly involved as some of the characters you have created but I think Wario would be a fantastic addition to these illustrations...Im just sayin it would be rather awesome is all.

But these illustrations are most excellent indeed!