Monday, February 14, 2011

John Joel Glanton - Blood Meridian

I previously did a quick paint of the kid and I thought now that I've upgraded to adobe suite cs5 I'd play around with the new brush engine. I did that, then quickly went back to my old method. The new brush engine has some great speed to it, but it still doesn't have that character of texture. It's too opaque, and dropping the opacity just makes it way too computery for me. Any tips would be appreciated regarding how to make those feel a bit more real.

I did however play around with some new texture methods which I really, really like, and made some custom colorable texture masks for myself so I can have more control over how color is effected when I want to add some grime.

Anyway, he's how I pictured Mr. Glanton when I read Blood Meridian. A book I think I may just read through again. It's so good. I see that they are gonna make a movie adaptation out of it, and I can't fathom how that's gonna be possible with the chrisma of the Judge and the sheer violence of it. Tall order making a movie out of it. Next up I'm gonna do the judge depending how much headway I make on other things I'm doing for people.

8.5x11 Photoshop cs5


Dave Armstrong said...

I like that cracking. Also, I just started reading All The Pretty Horses.

You're always one step ahead, aren't you Puncekar...

Rachel Dangerfield said...

That red is fantastic. Good to see you painting, Mike. I still want to see what you've been working on for John and those folks whenever you get a chance.

Mike Puncekar said...

I just started All the Pretty Horses. Let's book club with hot chocolate and have deep discussions and what not. And I'm only ahead because I stalk you old school style.

(read: I'm right behind you... right now)

Thanks rachel, I just sent an e-mail not too long ago, if you somehow see this first.