Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time to dust off the ol' blog.

Dear Blog,

I've neglected you and I am oh so sorry. In return I will have a solid week of updates. I have a surplus of sketches and I would like to share them. I'll start off the week with this fresh mini paint I did in photoshop today.

I've recently been reading my way through Cormac McCarthy's book, Blood Meridian. The main character, although it seems arguable he's just a mere part that loosely ties characters together, is "The Kid". He has no name, and his description is... brief. I know he's a male and has a white shirt. And that he is 14. So far it's one hell of a book though, and possibly one of the most unapologetically violent things I've ever read. If you need a cool book, pick it up.


Mike Puncekar


Alex Lyon said...

Welcome back. lol

Mike Puncekar said...

Greetings Mr. Alex Lyon.

Jessie. said...

MIKE, you've been MIA, Ive ask everyone around campus of your where abouts and no one knows, its like you vanish right out of thin air. So how have you been, and hows life after school. Hopefully Successful.