Saturday, October 16, 2010


The most horrific noise I've ever heard in a game. The hiss of a creeper behind me. The noise that beckons the soon to be crater in my tediously crafted shelter. Screw you creepers. You destroy all my nice things, and I hate you for it.

For those who do not understand my pain, this is a creature from a game titled Minecraft (click that after you read). If you do not own this game... you must buy it. There is no argument here, only the exchange of money over paypal. It's an indie pc game that runs on anything, designed by a foreigner named notch, and it is responsible for bringing me childhood-like bliss daily with it's sandbox, lego style, adventuring gameplay. It is simply embarrassing how fun it is. And you look like a complete nerd child playing it.

This is one of the creatures in-game (LINK) that I've painted. The game doesn't look like much, but that's what makes it so charming. And it's only in the alpha stage, and buying it now grandfathers you in to all other versions for 14 bucks USD and it's only going up. Don't be cruel to your inner child. You owe it to yourself. Buy it, then e-mail me about your game. I want to see your castles, forts, and cave homes.

I want to keep talking about it, but I'll refrain for now. That's a lot of text for an art blog.


GrahamErwin said...

Yes! I love Minecraft

Mike Puncekar said...

It's such a wonderful little piece of software.

hobbs22 said...

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