Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vega Redesign/A sketch 2 death event

Over in the Sketch-2-Death camp, a fellow CCADer started this activity, where we are all being a bunch of fanboys, and pretending we work at Capcom, sketching out some Street Fighters.

I took early dibs on Vega. Why? Because he is clearly the most super fantastic, and I mean that in the most arrogant way. While he may be a pretty boy under that mask, he was just so incredibly awesome in street fighter 2, that he just had to be done. He climbed on the cage wall, and slashed his foes to pieces with the only real weapon in the game, and it's an AWESOME weapon to have in a fighting game. No one beats him in sheer amazingness. Which is why they never bothered to change his character in future incarnations, because he is just that perfect.

I did try to make him a bit more matadorish, tone down the muscles, and spruce up that silly arm band though (he's still perfect though!). I also punched some holes in his mask, because that thing has to be hot. So that leaves the only real addition being the claw hand. I was just going to put another claw on him, but he isn't wolverine, and I think it fit's the whole snake tattoo thing resembling the fangs. Plus, just think of the cool in-game moves those could bring in tandem with the claw.

Lastly, I'm on spring break! But I don't have my scanner cord (although I have the scanner) so while I had planned to post a metric crap-ton of art on you to make up for my absence here the last month, I can't unless I get to a scanner. It'll be a busy month or so working up to graduation, so updates will be very sporadic as I get my portfolio together and finish branding, but I'll try to keep updating.

Lastly, lastly... everyone needs to tune in or somehow get their eyes on HBO's The Pacific. It's two episodes in, and it is glorious.


Oscar Woodruff said...

Nice ILLO, But I hated that wall-jumping-wily-ass-italian-bastard. ;)

Mike Puncekar said...


THANKS THOUGH... for the compliment.

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