Friday, March 26, 2010

Chun Li Redesign

Here we have my Chun Li redesign, again from Street Fighter. So when Vega couldn't represent, she was my go to character. She had a gift, and that gift was button mashing kickery. No other character could tear through the bonus stages like her. She's also a girl. And I really need to paint more of these strange creatures. I'm always doing soldiers and knights, and I never remember to get some girls going.

Depending on how far I get on my actual school project I should have been working on, I want to squeeze in at least one more Street Fighter. leaning towards two fellows named E. Honda and Sagat. Guile could be fun, but I can't stand that signature hair. It just looks so freaking terrible.

While working on this I was listening to the new MGMT album. Not thinking I like it very much. On the plus side I discovered the internets virtual keyboard, and I got sucked into attempting video game themes. I at least couldn't stop until the Morrowind theme was perfect.

("We're watching you, scum..."
-every Ordinator in Morrowind)


PhiL said...

Man, talk about great minds thinking alike, Im planning on doing some street fighter art myslef very soon, most likely for ukos Sketch Card assignment, I was planning on doing cammy in her one-piece/beret flaunting glory fighting guile, (i like his hair thank you very much) i think im in the opposite boat as you, i draw girls toooooo muuuuuch and dont have a clue about drawing guys, if you get a chance, check out this piece im doin for uko and shoot me a crit,

Dave Armstrong said...

shes soooooooooo pale

Alex Lyon said...

Finals on both Vega and Chun Li turned out pretty sweet man. I'm really likin the posing on both. The body language really sells the characters.

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks guys.

Dave: was kind of going for a geisha thing. Still want to add a facial tattoo kind of of. Maybe of agyo, and some decorative arm tattoos. To balance it out. She never looked tough enough for me to be a fighter with super legs.