Monday, September 14, 2009

Sketch-a-day 83

I just had one of those "good" drawing sessions. More pen sketches this time around, but this is one of my favorite figure drawings from life yet. I included the gestures from the session as well, just for the heck of it.

Also, good news, I finally managed to hook my scanner up and get it working. Brand new scanner finally. After 8 years, it's odd to retire my older one. This this one is definitely faster, stronger, better. So I filled a sketchbook, have lots of progress shots coming, and a whole slew of sketch-a-days. Just haven't had the chance to scan them in. This week is going to be crazy work wise, lots of writing on top of drawing, and a surprise final I didn't know about until yesterday. Cool beans, yea?

So check back, because I got a lot of sketches coming barring I don't lose my mind first.

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