Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monkey Business - Hanuman Liar Speedies

I whipped up these two little mood/setting digital paintings last night for my Illustrative drawing class. For the class I've written an outline pulling from my own story and images, hindi religion, and elements of russian folklore all into this real bastard of a tale. They are really made to set a tone and mood than anything so far.

In other news, Mr. Abe Lincoln is just about done and should be completely done before I go to bed.

In other other news, I realize this is my third post without a sketch-a-day and I'm sorry. If I do post them, which I have all the intention to, It may have to wait until the weekend because it will be quite a large chunk of time scanning, resizing, and saving for web with so many pages of stuff. Till then expect Abe to be posted once I get it all post processed, if I can ever get a decent picture/scan of it.

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