Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sketch-a-day 81

So, yesterday ended up traveling up to Dick Blick to pick up some acrylic inks to gain more of a color spectrum. All I had before was some red that I could cut with black indian ink. This sketch was the result thus far, painted in an old moleskine I don't really like. I think I still don't care for those book, but I won't knock it until the day I get my hands on a watercolor one for a proper paintbook.

They also had refillable brush pens there, so I can try the Gurney way of on site sketching. Going to try it out at the zoo tuesday. One with ink, and one with water. So after I can upload even more monkey sketches onto this blog. I do one monkey project coincidentally every year... this one... is gonna be big.

Edit: Screenshot the picture with the selection marquee around the text. All fixed.


Finn Clark said...

Great paint quality. Loving the last sketches too, Especially the Abe Lincoln ones! I did a daily sketch thing once but it only lasted two weeks. I feel ashamed now (but also a teeny bit inspired, so thats good). Oh and thanks for looking at my blog too. You're most welcome for the feature, it's not like a get a lot of traffic on there anyway.

Bernadette said...

this is really cool Mike. i love that pink and green together its nauseating.

Cassandra Cappello said...

This is super creepy! But I love it! I think that the color choices are great! and i love how it fills the page!