Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sketch-a-day 74

So I started to watch Band of Brothers randomly, and after I had gone through the series and watched all the extras, this sketch was the result.

Just installed CS4. Man! It is great. Photoshop has stopped crashing on me randomly, and will most likely stop me from not finishing everything I feed into it. Nothing like being set back 4 hours on a piece without a deadline, because at that point... you really don't want to redo everything you just did. I've lost so many things to that problem.

Just wanted to post up something. Once I'm back in school here come Monday, senior year woo, things should resume back to when this sketch-a-day thing started. Becuase I've realized, when I am home, I don't do anything, and no matter how hard I push myself... I still don't do anything. Can't wait to be back in Columbus, around the artsy folks, and in my much more productive happy place.

I was going to ramble about jets in this post, but it didn't seem fitting with a sketch of a soldier.


Jeffrey Lai said...

love the muted tones and the sketchy feel of this
how is cs4?
I've been thinking of upgrading..
I have that same problem with photoshop!
It seems to randomly crash
I so know that feeling about being set back right before a deadline ahaha..

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks for the words, man. As far as upgrading, it's definitely a small upgrade, but adds a lot of nice things. It's like a proper cs3 in my opinion, because cs3 feels like a beta in comparison to CS4. All the new features are implemented in a better way and it's fast as heck. Startup for photoshop is a few seconds now. And the annoying zoom problem on the repeating decimals is gone.