Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sketch-a-day 71

Dang-nam Nazi sonamabitches, amirite?

This isn't a comic, but feel free to commend me on the amazing story I've told here. Picked up a new sketchbook today. This is the first page, and I made sure I drew it with ballpoint pen. Nothing worse than opening up a nice sketchbook and the first page is smudged to hell and back. Pretty much a reference drawing page, but I've been in a huge slump lately, so when all else fails leech google image search.

I'm glad I got this in before everyone starts doing WWII stuff for when Inglorious Bastards hits theaters. Although I did this because I just watched Miracle at St. Anna. Pretty terrible film, but it looked good. But hopefully someone makes a proper buffalo soldiers film, and doesn't make them look so bad, and isn't 2 and a half hours of poor pacing and bloated story telling.


Dave Armstrong said...

now THIS gives street sharks a run for its money...except the hammer head. He wouldn't be havin this.

C.R.MacTernan said...

Hahaha! This is great. You have not only a really great sense of design (I envy that) but you interject your sense of humor in a lot of your work. It makes it quite enjoyable to come in here. I love your blog, imma jus say that. That Riot poster is killer too btw. When you gonna print? I wants one.

Jack C. Gregory said...

George Lucas is supposed to be working on a film about the Tuskegee Airmen. I like the design and line work on your characters. Also, Band of Brothers (the HBO series) was bad-ass. Apparently they are working on another one of those only this time it will focus on the Pacific.

Mike Puncekar said...

Dave: Well yea. He had roller blades, and was clearly more awesome than everyone. The toy version of him even had the most features. I wanted one so bad.

C.R.: Thank you. I told myself if I ever reached 1000 hits a week I would start making prints. And while I was slowly but surely on my way there, I fell off the wagon and lost half of those people. But if I ever get those few sketch a day postcards done, and the 2 or 3 prints I planned I'll let you know. I want to keep them as cheap as possible. So I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Jack: I squealed like an idiot when i read that
Band of Brothers tid bit. I love no other piece of film more. Nothing has really come close to that. Gonna head off to imdb now.