Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sketch-a-day 68

Back on the wagon. Today I woke up and actually felt excited to do some sort of sketch today. I have doodles and stuff everywhere, but nothing really worthy of posting on here, mostly due to awesome summer distractions. But, I'm switching up the style a bit to avoid getting bored, and to keep things moving. Also in the process of doing some James and the Giant Peach illustrations. Hope to have something on those soon.

Made a robot today. Threw all of my hang-ups about trying to do something different than what I normally would do. Screw it. Sick of doing different things. This stuff is just fun. Although seeing glicks posts makes me want to do a motorcycle so bad.


David Hovey said...

hey, thanks for the suggestions. I really took a liking to Cheetham. Damn good, that one is. Any other suggestions? Like the sketch, by the by.

Mike Puncekar said...

None that aren't quite a ways off of those artists style wise, especially ones you wouldn't know already.

Bill Landwehr said...

Cool. Nice character design. Pose feels forced.. The upper left leg feels a little to long. The face feels a little messy.