Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Header Header Header.

So if you've been on here and noticed weird things, it's because I was getting a flash header in place that I could later add an about me and contact, and possible links on it. So for now it's a place holder, and I can't figure out how to get rid of the tiny gap I used to be rid of... but I'm still pretty happy I finally even got it working with help from a few blogger tips blogs. If I have to design around that tiny gap... I will. As far as I can tell it's caused by the quickedit icon, as when I'm logged in the wrench appearance to edit makes the gap the exact size as the picture of the wrench. 

Turning off quick edit did not fix the problem.

Well anyways, just thought I'd point it and to apologize for any weird happenings.


Kira said...

I have no idea how to fix that gap, but that header is Flashy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah so Wow, that looks awesome mike

D.Marciniak said...

Like how the MP changes colors-Fancy Fancy. Good luck figuring that code.

Josholland said...

Hey Mike, just dropping in to say thanks for the web links and comments. I've been enjoying your blog immensely (following through RSS feed) keep it coming!

Also, I'd have emailed this to you if I could find it. ha.

Angie Andrews said...

Really nice! I really liked your last logo. SOOO MUCH. Could you integrate the two? You have final say and I support any decision you make!

Mike Puncekar said...


Josholland: The minute I take down the e-mail address off the header. Figures right? It used to show up in profiles I thought.

Angie: I really wouldn't see a problem with that. I really just went with this because I was going to put art scrolling behind it, and it's a much bigger font. The last one was a quick fix that just stuck around awhile because the header before that one was ugly. haha.

I do hate this new banner though... BUT IT MOVES. Sucker for the gimmick.