Friday, April 24, 2009

Finished Styles and Concepts

I wish I had the minutes to sketch some more. But I think this is better than nothing. Finished this up earlier today. Accidently slept in till about 12:30, from what was supposed to be a middle of the night nap (never works), today so I had to make changes and the entire back when I woke up. Then had class at five. But it went super smoothly, so I can't complain. Had a tiny bit of extra time, so I looked up the actual ingredients for pre-cooked bacon, distribution labeling, and a proper custom nutritional guide courtesy of an online generator. I screen-shotted a detail, cause it was my favorite part of all of this. 

Back to reading for classes.


Kira said...

Hehehe, "not resposible for any death or injury caused by extreme delight". *snicker*

Curious said...

arsenic. hahah