Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sketch-a-day 008 009 010 011

Catching up a bit, been too busy to get these up and scanned. But here are four. They are actually in reverse order, but blogspot is too picky for me to chance uploading them again. Just random things, one poster for aoi, and and a life drawing sketch.

Still gotta do todays. 


manuscript72 said...

i really like the floating dudes, how'd you get the ink blots to be negative or clear? or is this digital stuff afterwards?

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks man. That's actually a digital texture mask set I picked up years back when grunge was all the rage. When I did this is was just a transparent texture with a hue/saturation change. I'm pretty sure there is also a really slight outer glow on it too, because I thought the edges were too sharp.

On all these sketches. Done in a sketchbook in just .05 mechanical pencil. All the colors and stuff are digital. Only to crank them out quicker, so I don't get too caught up in these sketch-a-days. Which is way too easy.