Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sketch-a-day 004

Fly right space monkeys. 

First time I've doctored up a sketchbook page in awhile. Will probably be doing this some more. Painting digitally is nice and all, but all I have is a file after I'm done, and I like to flip through my own artwork because I'm all narcissistic like that.

I draw this astronaut every year. He always looks a bit different, but he's always viewed from the front. Maybe this will act as a reminder next year, to change it up a bit. May just redraw him tomorrow though. I want to draw him floating in space with the glass of his helmet shattered about the in the dark. 

So it's about time I plugged the guys I took this sketch-a-day idea from:

Thom Glick- Columbus Illustrator, whose worked nationally, and makes all of us CCAD grunts proud. He originally put forth this challenge to his group of friends from what I gathered. I in no way know him personally, but you should check out his stuff anyway, because it's good.

Dave Groff- Crazy good artist and professor at CCAD. Also keeping a sketch-a-day blog. If you see this Mr. Groff, it's going to look like I'm sucking up, but think nothing of it, as deep, deep down, I hate humanity. Can illustrator's become super villians? 

I need to start a link section here, but the side layout is just so clean looking. I may just have to start one on Oondu, and just stick and Oondu link over there. Also, everyone who just read this go to Oondu, because you will be a better person because of it.


PhiL the Zombie said...

I enjoy both of these. Dead cosmonauts always make for good subject matter. You said you doctored up a sketch book page, I take it then that these goodies are traditional then? Whats the technique if you don't mind me asking, is any of it digital? Yeah that guy Thom is pretty cool, i think im in need of some simplicity lessons from him.

Mike Puncekar said...

Lots of texture work, color adjustment, and layer masks. It's just a normal black and white sketch that I treated like any other thing I take in Photoshop.

How exactly, in what order of the steps, not so ready to share. It's not hard to figure out by any means though. Quite a few tricks. But it took me too long to nail down a method, to just blurt it out for now haha.