Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Final ComicBook Page

Just finished this up tonight. The second comic book page of my 13 wives story. Technically not the second page in the whole story, but for the class, it is the second page. It's annoying to me that I can't ink it. I really, really want to ink it. It would be so much easier to read without that visual noise. Lemme know what you think. Not a whole lot happens on this page, it's mainly just a intro page for this character.

The other page is in the mega-post, just a tiny bit down the page.


Angie Andrews said...

Your cross hatching skills are quite kick ass. What is the idea behind this? The contrast made it a wee bit hard to read.

Mike Puncekar said...

Oh, thanks!

This one was based around a short story a wrote that focused around these 13 wives that were all killed by a single suitor, all in different ways, and all in different rooms. They haunt the rooms they died in, and story is about a stranger who becomes stuck in the house and along the way becomes familiar with all the women. There's another page on here as well. This was page two.

I agree about the contrast but haven't been bothered with greying it out with some tones or anything yet. I wasn't allowed to "x" out the black to keep it more readable for this assignment, which was a bit of a bummer .