Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two Chinese and a Speedie.

Edit: Can't sleep. So I did a really quick speedpaint. I really loved painting it. At the end of it though, I can feel Ashley Wood's resent haha. I can't wait till I have a new tablet. This squiggly line/no control thing is getting old after about a year. Anyway, done for an Oondu activity.

Two new things. The first is based on the memoir "No Name Woman". It came out rather clse to how I wanted. I doubt I will change much more about it. The second is a sketch on bristol I started for a bookmark.

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Rachel said...

I think the No Name Woman piece is just absolutely beautiful. Perhaps because it's one of the few illustrations you've done that isn't crazy-masculine-brown-black-zombie-eaters. I love the colors, the composition is very nice, and the technique is one of my favorites I've seen you use.

You should give me the file so I can make a print out for my wall. Hmmm??