Monday, July 7, 2008

Colorless Concepts.

A friendly reminder: You can click these to make these bigger. No need to squint.

This is mainly just a little sketch dump of the little I've done this summer. I got pretty lazy, but I'm starting a few actual illustrations soon. I said I was going to get a website up, and still plan to, but it's on hold (again) in interest of doing some new art that will make me better. I also haven't uploaded year end art from school either. Laziness mostly, as I now not too many people will be seeing this, and some Counter-Strike Source has been taking up quite a bit of my free-time, along with some HL1: Opposing Force. Video games are the most enjoyable time-sinks... ever.

I was toying around with some concepts all within a similar universe for the first four here, and the last two pirates are random Photoshop speed paints. No references used all around, as per norm. I'm such an idiot for not, but all of this was rather random.

Next up, some horror and adventure illustrations... and maybe some quick landscapes.


S. Alex Lyon said...

it may just be the internet here at work, but your pics aren't loading... its all little blue boxes with "?" inside. just letting you know.

Mike Puncekar said...

it may be your browser since it worked over rachel's last time i was there, but I'll look into it, I've had problems before. Thanks for the head's up.

S. Alex Lyon said...

ok now that i can see everything(for whatever reason) i would like to say that the Pirate and the guy below him are kick ass. i love the tone you set with him in the chair all slumped back. i love the character design but i would like to see him in a finished piece with a background. maybe even done in oil...haha keep um comin.

Mike Puncekar said...

Those are my personal favorites. I've had them for awhile, and they were just warm ups for pieces that fizzled pretty bad. I can doodle and sketch like crazy, but churning out something finished, which to be honest, I really haven't done yet, is a pretty big goal for me this summer. I get too excited to start, then I just keep starting over and over again.

I have a painting worked out, that will actually be a painting for once, unlike my normal quickie stuff. (Like the 8 or 9 paintings I churned out during that two week course. I'd post them if I was proud of any of them. At the time I loved them, but now I wonder what the heck I was thinking hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

So i haven't been looking at anyone's new work for a while, and i figured i would check out some of your stuff. The black beard looking pirate really caught my eye on the page, im not sure if it's just the black and white, or the painterly feel that you get on the computer, i just want to say that i really like it bro. It has a real intresting mood to it, i get a sence of tension, i don't know but It definitely comes across as a nice oil painting to me like alex said, i think you should take that one the next level. just some thoughts, as usual everything looks good.