Monday, March 31, 2008

Characters? Concepts? Sure.

Jon Foster came to CCAD today in the visiting artist series. He really put me in the mood to render out something, so I drew this at work today.

These are my meth-heads. Drew it in Illustration Methods. This stuff is just fun to draw. I drew a ton more during this class, but they were all really... really weird caricatures. The more cartoony faces inspired the cool dude down below. It's kind of a no-rules stylization. Nothing but crooked eyes and something that would destroy perception if turned 90 degrees. I mean, it's really just taking a normal angle and going, no... I feel like doing "this".

This is a doodle from philosophy class. Fun as heck to draw out. Easy enough to still pay attention to the lecture.

Zombie concepts used to inspire myself for a project.

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