Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pokemon Battle Royale!

The amazing folks over at Light Grey Art Lab decided to put together a show based on the original 151 Pokemon and crazily decided to get an artist for every single one. And they did it. The show opening is on the 20th with the show hanging from April 16th - May 11th. Head over to the Pokemon Battle Royale site for more info on that.

Pokemon personally was a love/hate thing in regards to my 5th grade self. I've openly declared on here before my hate for all things turn-based, but back then I still loved the art and the characters so I collected the cards and toys even though I didn't play the card-game or the video game. I went out and bought it and I tried to force myself to like the game, but it never clicked. But I 100% have a soft spot for those original ones because it definitely influenced what I drew back then, which transformed into how I draw now.

I originally was champing at the bit pretty hard for Hypno and at the time he appeared to be an open choice on the original list, but alas he was taken. Luckily I got golem who I thought was one of the cooler ones. The show filled up with a roster of artists so fast, and that was before Kotaku plugged it.

So here's one more re-imagining to add to the pile. If you are in the Minneapolis area you better get to that show because not only is it going to be an awesome show looking at the other pieces, Light Grey Art Lab deserves it.


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Andrew Olson said...

Awesome! Really well done.