Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sketch-a-day Vol 2 011

Here's my new sketch-2-death submission. The words this week were "Flying" and "Slave", so I responded with a butler making his escape.

This one was great becuase I finally found out how to properly color my lines instead of using me horribly convoluted method of masks and selective colors.

Also got featured on a major blog today thanks to Faye + Co. I'm really grateful for the feature, Diane. Made my day, bigtime. She even managed to pick my favorite piece, the undertaker, as the thumb people see on the front page of the blog.

Mom approved as well. I'm embarrassed in that normal son way, but I definitely appreciate that too haha

1 comment:

Diane Faye Zerr said...

I thought it was sweet that your mom posted a comment.

And it was my pleasure to put your work up, you're talented and I hope you go far!